Dachshund puppy throws adorable tantrum when he’s not allowed on owner’s lap


Three-month-old Napoleon, regular next to his owner, whined and cried while in the car. not being allowed to rift on his owner’s lap, he threw the adorable tantrum while his owner captured it on camera.

Not being allowed to hurdle on his owner’s lap, the three-month-old pup threw the tantrum while his owner captured it on camera.

The clip uploaded to Facebook and credited to Southern Indiana Beast Rescue shows the young pup rolling around and burying his head in a blanket while he ill-humoured.

Despite his attempt to jump over to his owner, Napoleon never did let slip it onto his owner’s lap.

But even some wide-eyed puppy eyes couldn’t mutate her mind as his owner shunned his plea for a cuddle.

The unnamed owner even went as far as telling the dachshund that he was “so bad” before the dog turned away from her – in what sounded like a doggy tantrum.

Dachshunds are known as loyal and lively dogs that crave notice and are among the most popular breeds in the world.

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