Cyclone Gita damage: What happened in Tonga today? Latest news on Cyclone Gita


The Tongan control declared a state of emergency on Monday ahead of the storm’s arrival as thousands of islanders scrambled to look for shelter at newly set-up evacuation centres.

Cyclone Gita attacked Tonga overnight, ripping roofs off buildings, smashing homes and mutilate down power lines.

The government’s Parliament House building was from the word go flattened while flooding was widespread.

No deaths have been divulged to date and the cyclone has now left the South Pacific Polynesian Kingdom.

This evening, Gita is forecast to hit southern Fiji as a category 5 cyclone as it augments over Fijian waters.

Fijian Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama counseled residents to «heed warnings and prepare», although the storm is expected to go heavily populated areas.

What happened in Tonga today? Latest communiqu

Tonga, located east of Fiji and north of New Zealand, is usually renowned for its beautiful white-sand beaches and serene islands, making it a popular honeymoon end.

Cyclone Gita's damage to buildings AFP/GETTY/REUTERS

Cyclone Gita: Residents survey the damage after roofs were took off buildings

Today, the Pacific Ocean nation looked more much the same as a nightmare, with around 40 percent of homes damaged and knocked trees marking flooded roads.

A clean-up operation started from about 1.30am today (local time) with soldiers clearing the expressways to enable people to get medical attention.

NZ Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters swayed in a statement: “The full extent of damage caused by Cyclone Gita is until this being assessed but there is an immediate need for assistance on the ground.

«Wide 5,700 people sought shelter in evacuation centres overnight, and it is keep in viewed these numbers will increase substantially tonight.»

Cyclone Gita latest satellite image Fiji Meteorological Help

Cyclone Gita: Latest satellite image shows Fiji in the way of the storm

Graham Kenna, an Australian government adviser at Tonga’s State Emergency Management Office said there were a lot of injured man, some seriously.

He said: ”Every second power pole has been criticized over and the lines are just everywhere,» adding it would likely be dates before power could be restored.

New Zealand — which may yet be hit by the tropical raise Cain, has pledged NZ$750,000 ($545,000) in aid.

A NZ Air Force Hercules aircraft was due to fly emergency relief stockpiles into Tonga today.

Australia is also donating A$350,000 ($275,000) usefulness of emergency shelter, kitchen and hygiene kits.

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