Cyber security platform MAILOCK gets a grip on intercepts and encryption


It stands protection for sensitive emails, documents and messaging apps. Senders can clinch their recipient’s identity, as well as ensure no other party can deflect the communication, using their existing systems and addresses.

They can also ferret out if messages have been opened by authenticated recipients, revoke report access and get a full audit trail of delivery.

Founder Paul Holland said: “Mailock safeguards senders and beneficiaries alike. Normal email is at best risky and at worst illegal from a figures security perspective.

“With cyber attacks estimated to cost UK dealings more than £30billion a year, the potential financial hints, image damage and business interruptions are huge.”

Paul Holland is the founder of Beyond EncryptionPH

Paul Holland is the father of Beyond Encryption

Cyber security secure messagingGETTY STOCK

Beyond Encryption have exposed MAILOCK, a new secure messaging platform

Pricing for businesses is based on tome use, but consumers can access the service from £30 a year.

Research from evidence security firm Clearswift shows that malicious links within emails are contemplate oned the biggest threat to businesses, followed by lax staff attitudes to sharing usernames, watchwords and USBs.

Clearswift’s Dr Guy Bunker said: “Technology should focus on poop leaks and give feedback to the sender to inform them that they organize violated policy.” /

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