Cuba plane crash: Tributes pour in for Boeing 737 passengers after Havana airport incident


A Boeing 373 has smash shortly after departing from Havana Jose Marti Worldwide Airport in Cuba.

The plane, operated by national airline Cubana de Aviacon was book to travel to the city of Holguin on the eastern side of the island.

Three survivors acquire been rushed to hospital in critical condition, whilst one passenger has been settled to have died from burns and trauma, according to Reuters.

With 104 riders onboard the flight, the Cuban President told AFP that a “high tally of victims” is to be expected.

Tributes have begun to pour in from high-profile understands and online users.

We pray for the safety of the passengers and flight team

Andrew Holness

Prime Minister of Jamaica Andrew Holness tweeted: “Our cogitations and prayers go out to our Caribbean neighbours in Cuba after a Boeing 737 voyager jet crashed this afternoon at Havana’s Jose Marti International Airport in Cuba.

“We implore for the safety of the passengers and flight crew.”

Alison Grimes, Kentucky’s Secretary of Pomp tweeted: “Prayers for all those aboard this aircraft & for the first responders aiding in Havana.”

Perez Hilton wrote: “Sometimes I wish I could abide in the blissful bubble of just my family life, but that’s not reality. The info is heavy today. #Cuba”

US baseball player Marcus Stroman tweeted: “Supplications for the world man. Constant stream of bad news. Thoughts with everyone tortuous in the Texas school shooting and the plane crash in Cuba.”

Cuba plane crash havana airportGetty

Cuba flat crash: Tributes pour in for passengers in Havana

Many online users express their shock anyway the incident.

One Twitter use wrote: “Thoughts are with all my dear friends in Cuba.”

Another perceived: “Just flew in from Cuba. My flight left at 11:20 from evacuation B12 and the plane that crashed left from B13 at 12:00pm.

“Shocked to say the scarcely. When something isn’t meant for you, it’s not meant for you.”

One person asked: “Why must there be so much nuisance in the world.”

Cuba plane crash havana airportGetty

Cuba plane crash: At least three travellers have survived the crash

The airport welcomes nearly six million voyagers to the country every year.

Cuba’s last major airline disturbance occurred last year, when a military plane crashed into a hillside in Cuba, butchery eight troops onboard.

In 2010, a flight from Santiago to Havana smash after flying through bad weather, killing all 68 people onboard.

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