Crypto news: Warren Buffett deputy wants ‘STUPID Bitcoin destroyed’ and demands CRACKDOWN


Charlie Munger, 94-years-old, is an outrageously successful Chairman of the Daily Journal Corporation, but he criticised the digital currencies while apply oneself to a crowd during a two-hour meeting in downtown LA.

In answering a question from an fervent listener he criticised the increasing interest in cryptocurrencies as stupid.

He said: “I reverence the Bitcoin craze as totally asinine.”

Charlie Munger BitcoinGETTY

Charlie Munger has retailed the ‘Bitcoin craze’ as ‘stupid’

The top businessman also described the digital money as a “noxious poison”.

Bitcoin, along with other online nummary assets such as Ripple and Ethereum, has become increasingly popular floor the past 12 months.

The original cryptocurrency has also seen its value rise as it rose by a more than 1,500 per cent in 2017 to just at the mercy of £15,000.

While it has since seen its value drop to just under £7,000, it is in any case worth significantly more than in January last year.

Extending his savage attack on cryptocurrencies, Mr Munger said: “I expect the world to do nerd things from time to time because everybody wants unhurried money.

“It’s just disgusting that people are taken in by something have a fondness this. 

“Our government’s lax approach to it is wrong.

“The right answer with codswallop that bad is to step on it hard.”

Mr Munger’s comments are not the first time Bitcoin has been criticised by assets professionals.

Last year investors piled on criticism as they questioned how the currency’s long-term viability.

In in disorder b unseemly to make digital money more reliable and to provide protection for investors, nations around the world are looking at how to regulate cryptocurrencies.

The finance minister and Dominant Bank Governors of France and Germany have requested that talks on means and monetary implications of cryptocurrencies be part of G20 talks in March.

Charlie MungerGETTY

Charlie Munger has called on the US Ministry to ‘step hard’ on cryptocurrencies


Cryptocurrencies have seen a bulge in popularity since the start of last year

They want crowd leaders to come up with a global strategy for the online assets.

In the intervening time, some countries have already begun to act unilaterally to increase organization.

South Korea introduced a raft of measures last month strive for at regulating Bitcoin and similar currencies such as Ripple and Ethereum.

A ban on anonymous swop was implemented by the Asian power in a bid to crack down on all possible criminal interests the secret nature of trading Bitcoin allowed.

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