Cruise ship of the FUTURE: How YOUR holiday will radically change within a decade


Voyage ships are destined for radical change

The global cruise industry is bourgeon and holidays at sea are only going to get better, if future trends are to be trusted. 

Already founded with incredible technology and eye-catching features, cruise ships are due for reform. 

Cruise Nation revealed the key future trends for the industry, to predict what yacht holidays will look like within a decade. 

From monsters to eco-makeovers and floating bars, there’s something to appeal to every hiker in the years to come.

Cruise ship holidays futureDignitary CRUISES•ROYAL CARIBBEAN

Cruise ship holidays of the future incorporate robots, floating platforms and virtual views

Screens everywhere

It’s merchandise standard to see a TV screen in your cruise cabin, but soon there commitment be many to stare at. 

LED screens will feature on walls, ceilings and trounces, according to Cruise Nation. 

Royal Caribbean has already designed practical balconies, with ocean views for every inner stateroom. 

Personalised practical butlers

From the moment you enter your stateroom you’ll have access to a present activated in-room assistant. 

Cruise ship holidays futureROYAL CARIBBEAN

Cruise ship holidays of the later: Royal Caribbean has introduced robot bartenders

Book last write down excursions, make dinner arrangements or hire a car to the dock, all without purloining a finger. 

Robotic bartenders and floating platforms

Royal Caribbean has already fix in placed ‘bionic bartenders’ — robots that mix your drinks. 

There ordain be plenty more of this in the future, as well as floating platforms which disquiet up and down the outside of the ship. 


Cruise ship feasts of the future: The Celebrity Edge is launching a floating platform next year

Conservationist makeover

Cruise companies are already investing in eco-friendly initiatives to ease up on their environmental impact. 

By 2022 Royal Caribbean plans to initiation cruise ships powered by liquefied natural gas. 

The ‘world’s greenest sail ship’ is also in development, set to feature retractable solar panels and a compound engine.

Holographic staff

Guests will be greeted by friendly holographic stick who will be able to interact in real-time. 

They will be stationed at hundreds of touch-points about the cruise ship. 

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