Cruise ship disaster: CCTV shows VIOLENT effects of WILD storm at sea


Video infatuated from inside a huge cruise liner revealed what it senses like to be on board during a violent storm

The enormous hotels of the sea can brave incredible force. 

But sometimes torrential weather tests cruises to their limits. 

This video charmed from inside a huge cruise liner revealed what it experiences like to be on board during a violent storm. 

The CCTV camera from one of the lunching areas of the ship overlooked the bar and a series of pillars, surrounded by tables and moderators.

Cruise ship storm video YOUTUBE

Boat ship video: The luxury liner was battered by a violent storm

Granted the angle of the camera rocked with the boat, the furniture exposed the peekaboo terror for passengers enduring the event. 

As bar staff leaned on benches to inveterate themselves, the chairs and tables swung with the rocking of the ship. 

Thumb ones nose at towards one end in a heap, the furniture crashed past passengers and other shillelagh members who were trying to get out of harm’s way. 

All of a sudden, the objects flung all the way move backwards withdraw from to the other side, in time with the forceful side-to-side rocking of the voyage ship. 

Cruise ship storm video YOUTUBE

Cruise ship video: Passengers and corps scrambled to safety as the ship rocked them back and forth

One mistress fell to the ground as a man reached out to try to grab her.

Other passengers scrambled to latch onto the leaders or something that would hold them in place. 

The incredible video has gone viral since it was shared on YOUTUBE

Boat ship video: Furniture in the dining area slid from side to side during the ploy weather event

But others reacted very differently, with one buyer saying: “Call me crazy but I’d love to experience this”. 

Another wrote: “For me succeeding through the storm was the best part about the whole cruise. It’s in reality exciting”. 

Another stomach-churning clip of a cruise being battered by uproarious weather was caught on video, this time from outside the depart. 

The luxury liner was stationed in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, when it began to outcrop almost completely on its side and back again.

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