Cruise secrets: Keep an eye out for this one person on a ship – they’re not who you think


Cruise dispatch holidays welcome all sorts of travellers on board who are keen to enjoy their Freudian slip away. Needless to say, cruise companies want everyone on the ship to redress the most of their time on board. This means keeping all happy – and they have a nifty trick to help make this become of come upon when it comes to evening entertainment. On certain cruise ships – namely Cunard, Crystal, Silversea or Holland America – you may advise a well-dressed, dashing, mature gentlemen on the dance floor.

It can be tempting to meditate on that, if this man asks you to dance, he could well be interested in you.

But, while this gentleman may be very attentive – his motives are not romantic in the slightest.

He is a romp host – or ambassador host – whose role is to ask ‘unescorted’ woman to dance.

The publican will be talented at a range of dances including the foxtrot, waltz, flap and cha-cha.

He could be useful if you’ve come aboard with a partner who is unwilling to romp or indeed if you’ve come away alone.

Cruises are not entirely about bear fun, however, as health and safety is a priority.

This means that patrons have to attend a muster drill at the start of the cruise – even in spite of most people hate going to them.

“It’s no secret that commuters have a special hate/hate relationship with the emergency sailing-boat drills that take place at the beginning of each cruise,” thought former cruise worker Joshua Kinser in his book, Chronicles of a Coast Ship Member.

“For most passengers, it only takes one boat cut a hole to become instantly aware that they are something you absolutely be averse to.”

Kinser continued: “I fully understand the desire to throw the boat instruct over the rails.

“Nothing says care-free holiday like starting it off donning your moving spirit jacket so you can listen to an officer tell you what to do if an iceberg slices the framework of the ship wide open like a can opener or how to jump overboard it the boat liner runs aground and become the world’s largest artificial reef off the skim of Italy.”

However, the Kinser also warned passengers of the importance of these disciplines. “In all seriousness, these emergency boat drills could save your biography,” he said.

On a similar note, cruise passengers are also urged to spread good hygiene in a bid to prevent the spread of illness. 

One disease of great worry on a cruise is norovirus – also known as the winter vomiting bug (although it can agree any time of year). Norovirus causes projectile vomiting, diarrhoea, worries and stomach cramps.

To prevent such illness spreading it’s vital voyagers and crew wash their hands often – especially after common to the toilet – and use sanitising gels before entering dining areas.

Journey ship doctor Ben MacFarlane recalled in his book Cruise Ship SOS what occurred when they suspected “the dreaded noro.” 

“If there’s any risk that they’ve snuck in from mould then we pretty much go onto autopilot,” he wrote. “We’ve been repeating our protocols and procedures every few weeks. If the alert levels rise too far we good-looking much lock the ship down.”

“At Code Red almost every colleague of the 1,000 strong crew will play some part in the fight-back start with, even if it’s only washing their hands a few more times every hour,” he give the word delivered.

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