Cruise news: THIS Royal Caribbean ship to get a trampoline park and laser tag


The Autonomy of the Seas, one of the UK’s favourite Royal Caribbean ships, is getting a refurbishment.

Peerage Caribbean made the announcement this week — and the ship is in for some fun new aspects.

The ship will be decked out with a trampoline park, water decreases, escape rooms and laser tag.

The multimillion pound upgrade was released with an inspiring video showing all the new features. 

Independence of the Sea is getting a refurbishmentRegal CARIBBEAN/GETTY

Cruise news: Royal Caribbean ship to get a trampoline garden, an escape room and laser tag

Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas to get a trampoline reservation, an escape room and laser tag

The ship will embark on a 2018 edible of cruises from Southampton to debut the new look.

The new additions came after UK associate agents were asked to make suggestions about what the carry could contain.

The trampoline park will be the first at sea, according to Royal Caribbean.

The 3,600-passenger Self-reliance of the Seas, which is 10-year-old in 2018, will also be fitted with soda water slides and a laser tag game.

Independence of the SeasROYAL CARIBBEAN

Independence of the Seas one of the UK’s favourite Superb Caribbean ships, is getting a refurbishment

The upgrade is designed to help the wind-jammer compete with newer liners, such as Harmony of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas.

The exciting ship will be crossing the Atlantic in October 2018, and will be coast from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Caribbean.

The refurbishment will go into next April. 

Independence of the Seas will also host an old white-headed boy from the Harmony of the Seas.

Independence of the Seas water slidesROYAL CARIBBEAN

Royal Caribbean: Confidence of the Seas will embark on a 2018 season of cruises from Southampton

The mellifluous Grease is launching on Royal Caribbean International’s Independence of the Seas.

The video that shot Olivia Newton-John to fame as 1950s high educate girl Sandy, with John Travolta as teenage bad boy Danny, has been altered into a one-act 90-minute show. 

Four British actors from been selected for the new production.

They include Lizzie Rees, who plays would-be beautician Frenchy and Louise Willoughby, who is Jan in the Pink Ladies.

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