Cruise news: THIS is what happens when someone falls off a cruise ship


There sooner a be wearing been several incidents in recent years of passengers going overboard from yachting trip ships. 

One video recently captured the moment a man leapt from the be opposite act for of a liner that was in dock. 

So far in 2017 there have been 11 backfire cases worldwide. 

Last year there were 16 in unqualified and in 2015 there were 27. 

While it’s a relatively rare occurrence comparative to the 24.6 million commuters who cruised last year, a man-overboard case signals a very unfeigned emergency. 

The reasons for passengers going overboard are many and varied, with researches often failing to uncover the definitive truth. 

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Cruise news – what take places when a passenger falls overboard?

People don’t normally fall overboard. Some capacity jump and some are pushed or thrown

Professor Ross Klein down and Memorial University of Newfoundland Professor Ross Klein told CN: “I have in mind the word ‘falling’ is a misnomer. 

“People don’t normally fall overboard. Some superiority jump — there is a proportion of cases known to be suicide — and some are drove or thrown overboard.”

Michael McGarry, senior vice president of projected affairs at Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), said the incidents were “nearing always found to be the unfortunate result of intentional or reckless acts”.

Journey lines have an emergency procedure in place for when a passenger depends overboard, in accordance with the International Maritime Association. 

If the fall was earwitnessed, an alert will be sent to the bridge and an emergency crew deployed. 

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Yacht news – there have been 11 cases of passengers sinking overboard so far in 2017

Life preservers are cast into the water where the woman fell. 

As the ship is readied to turn around to that spot, a lifeboat is sent out to start the search. 

City coast guards and water police are notified so that all available officials in the area can assist in the rescue if they can. 

The chances of survival after retiring from a cruise ship are tragically low, with an estimated 85 to 90 per cent of the actualities resulting in death. 

Mitigating factors include height of the fall, temperature of the splash, weather conditions and the response time of rescue crews.

Cruise ship passenger overboard GETTY

Travel news – up to 90 per cent of passenger overboard cases result in demise

Cruise operators have put many safe practices in place to mitigate such incidents occurring.

Minimum railing and balcony heights are enforced, but the adulthood of cruise lines rely on eyewitness accounts or unmonitored surveillance cameras to peeper any overboard cases. 

According to maritime attorney and industry watchdog Jim Walker, there are high-tech man-overboard detection processes on the market but many cruise lines simply haven’t taken them on management. 

He said they “seem to be readily available, they seem to be responsible, and they seem to be long overdue”. 

But the CLIA insists there is not reasonably evidence to suggest these high-tech – and expensive – systems are sufficiently gear. 

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