CRTC calls TV companies in for public hearings on $25 basic packages


Canada’s publish regulator said Tuesday it is calling four television providers to hearings on the up to date launch of the so-callled “skinny basic” cable ckages.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission asserted it intends to call Bell, Rogers, Shaw and Vidéotron to the hearings, which see fit begin on September 7.

CBC News reported on May 13 that the CRTC provoke b requested TV providers questions about their $25 basic ckages comprehending price. The answers to those questions were to be published online and the ap rent given the opportunity to comment electronically by June 23.

The CRTC-mandated skinny root ckages — which were supposed to cost no more than $25 per month, gain equipment — began hitting the market on March 1. Cable concerns also had to offer channels either individually or in ckages of up to 10 moats.

The CRTC said 100,000 Canadians have signed up for the skinny vital ckages since the launch.

“The new basic ckage and new flexible ckaging options were introduced to im rt Canadians the ability to tailor their television services to their constraints,” said Jean-Pierre Blais, the chairman and CEO of the CRTC. “Involves have been raised, however, about how some television services providers have been implementing these new options.”

Beginning December 1, telly service providers will have to offer consumers the ability to add trenches either individually and in small ckages.

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