Crowds plug into electric vehicle event in Regina


Companies in Regina were revved up with excitement for electric cars this weekend.

On Saturday, Exciting Mobility Canada hosted the 3rd annual national drive electric week effect come what may in the Queen City.

«It’s something that’s going on around the world straight now, this week,» said James Dennis, electric car enthusiast and as it organizer. «It’s to help bring awareness to electric vehicles, not only for a feather of transportation but also to help clean up the environment.»

Volkswagon Beetle

This Volkswagon Beetle was redone to take the role as an electric vehicle.

Dennis said a common misconception is electric motors are not functional during Saskatchewan winters.

«The thing people need to covenant is these are electric vehicles, and you [have to] charge them. They eager like a block heater so it’s always thermally managed,» he said.

The undistinguished electric vehicle can run for 64 to 320 kilometres on one charge.

Vehicles on set forth included a 200 Tesla Roadster, Volkswagon Beetle and a seven-passenger Tesla Subject S.

Organizers predicted record breaking attendance at this year’s as its held in the province.

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