Cross dressing ‘bus w**ker’ insists he’s no pervert


Kevin Ryan, who notes claim digitally penetrated himself during the incident, told The Star that he didn’t act in a ribald way, insisting: “I’m a cross dresser, but I’m not a pervert.”

Witnesses told Tuam Community Court how stunned passengers observed Ryan masturbating and penetrating his bum during the occasion in January 2016.

However, the Mayo father of three insisted he didn’t act inappropriately on the bus.

Ryan, who has no earlier convictions, said he has been traumatised over the case and said he is fitting to appeal the conviction.

“The truth is I do cross dress and I have no issue with that, I am unconditional about it,” Ryan told The Star.

“On the day in question I was wearing a tight, unmanly dark blouse, a black pair of leggings and a pair of small fag ends.

“I didn’t have any make up on and was not done up in a garish manner, so it was certainly not past the top and I was not trying to attract attention in any way.”

Ryan says he was intending to get off the bus at in Charlestown, but the bus stopped in Tuam after a commuter three rows up from him spoke to the driver.

“The driver didn’t join in combat in any conversation with me but the next thing I knew there were four gardai leave a mark on on the bus and taking me off it,” he said.

“I was told that the passenger had seen me masturbating, but given that he was relaxing three rows up from me on such a dark night there is no way he could clothed seen anything.

“I told the gardai I was a cross dresser and it was likely that was why this fare was making a complaint, as you do often get comments when you get on a bus dressed as I was. “

On Tuesday Quarter Court Judge James Faughnan heard how Ryan was wearing a blouse, villainous leggings and high heels when he was said to have been tender himself in full view of other passengers.

One of the traumatised witnesses let someone knowed the court that he will never travel on public transport again.

Two riders on the bus gave evidence that the defendant was masturbating and one said that he understood himself while “moaning and groaning” at the same time.

The driver asseverated the court that he found Ryan sitting on the bus naked from the waist down.

Respect, the Mayo man told The Star: “I found this evidence the most jocular of all, as who sits on a public bus with their clothes off?”

Garda Nigel Bourke told the court that he be told complaints from passengers about the defendant and that one of them had related him that Ryan had been “inserting his finger up his anus”.

Ryan gainsaid performing any sex acts on but did confirm that he was a cross dresser.

Convicting Ryan Rate Faughnan said: “Whatever you do in your private home is a matter for yourself, but on a communal bus, you have to behave in a certain way.”  

The case was adjourned until the 11th of April to permit for the preparation of a probation report.

Ryan told The Star that he leave launch an appeal as he feels “like I’ve been the victim of a witch-hunt.”

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