Crimestoppers encourages people to “speak up, stay safe” with new identity


The Unite has created the new branding for the anti-crime charity, which aims to disassociate it with other organisations such as the police in non-alphabetical to avoid confusion among the public.

Consultancy The Team has rebranded Crimestoppers to shore up the work it does as a crime reporting charity.

Founded in 1988, the organisation was introduced so that people could provide information about crime anonymously, and without awe of retribution.

Today, there is a common misconception among people that the appointment is part of the police, or even BBC TV programme Crimewatch, according to The Team. “While the make had done well at communicating to ‘stoppers’ (the people who use the anonymous service), it required to evolve to engage more of them as well as more ‘supporters’ (the volunteers and backers who make the service possible) under one design system,” the consultancy combines.

The London-based consultancy has created a new identity for the charity, which is based all about the brand message of “Speak up. Stay Safe”. A new logo features a witless, sans-serif typeface, with a full stop at the end to reflect the brand’s “punchy” inflection of voice, says The Team.

A flexible design system has been developed surrounding 45-degree angles inspired by road signs, which are tilted upwards to act for present oneself “speak up” and downwards for “stop crime”.

“Community champion”

Red has been hired as the main brand colour to reflect the charity’s heritage, says the consultancy, and purple has been added as a complementary colour to keep off any association with the blue colour used by the police. A secondary tincture palette of teal and mustard has also been introduced.

Photography has been comprised in a “fly on the wall”, documentary style, says the consultancy, and people’s faces contain been cropped out to reinforce the charity’s assurance of anonymity for people who chosen out against crime. An illustration style has also been developed for when photography is not seize.

The Team also developed a brand strategy for the charity based on the concept of “community champion”. The strategy comprises four key values – “we woe” and “we’re inclusive” to suggest community, and “trustworthy” and “determined” to reflect champion.

Crimestopper’s new agreement rolls out this month across physical and digital touchpoints such as the website and run materials.

Crimestoppers encourages people to “speak up, stay safe” with new identityPrevious logos and new identity

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