Crest Nicholson shuts office


Gain was up 13 per cent to £473.8million.

Chief executive Patrick Bergin reported: “Our experience of generally flat pricing against a backdrop of continuing build-cost inflation has had an adverse impact on spaces. We will invest in areas of greater housing affordability.

“We’re preparing also for a area where, even if the Brexit solution is to allow reasonably free overflow of people with work in the UK, that just the net reduction in attractiveness influence limit the number of EU workers coming to work here.”

Crest Nicholson is looking to base the light steel gauge inner walls of its houses offsite and then send them to sites. It hopes that 10 percent of its work next year desire use some kind of offsite building.

“If we can prove that model – and we assume trust to we can – then I would probably expect to step that up in 10 percent augmentations over the first few years so that, actually, fairly quickly, you get to 20 percent, 30 percent of your achievement coming through this way and maybe ultimately 50 percent to 60 percent,” Mr Bergin intended.

“What you end up with is a house that looks and feels very ritual but the offsite manufacturing has enabled you to erect it at a far greater speed and enabled you to resolve concurrently on both the inside and the outside so that you’re less beholden to bricklayers and scaffolders.”

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