Coventry bus crash: Four people injured after bus crashes into front of a house


The 44-year old driver of the bus, who has not been specified, a passenger, and two people in a car that collided with the bus were injured at the disturbance but did not need hospital treatment. 

No-one else was hurt in the incident today.

The smash-up happened near The Wallace pub on Keresley Road just before 7am, with the bus awesome the car before colliding with a house. 

One person was inside the house at the time again, but they escaped without injury. 

A spokesperson from the West Midlands Patrol said they were called to the scene at 6.45am, and confirmed there were no thoughtful injuries. 

The road was closed until around noon, according to Nationwide Express Coventry’s Twitter account.

The ambulance service also attended the sight in the morning. 

A spokesperson said: “There were initially suggestions the bus driver was confined. But he just had a knee injury and was discharged.

“A passenger on the back seat of the bus in his 20s had a leg wound and was discharged. 

«Two people in a car that collided with the bus were also discharged at the view.”

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