Couple win refund after fight over ‘unfair’ boiler servicing charges


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Couple win refund after fight over ‘unfair’ boiler use charges 

Homeowner John Pilkington went from being resolved with his agreement with 24/7 Home Rescue, that happened to be comprehensive and with no excess, to being baffled as to why when a repair was required he was asked to shell out more upfront. 

John had signed up after a depressing call in October 2016, paying £17 a month.

Part of the conduct oneself treat was a free service which he booked for last February. 

“But then I was petitioned for £60 before the engineer would come and in return my debit was ground to £11,” he told Crusader.

“To get the thing done, I said ‘ok’ and paid. After the repair though the heating went off because of a boiler leak and a circuit decline.   

The undemonstrative obliged us to live in our lounge for several weeks because it had a gas fire

John Pilkington

“The arrange diagnosed a split water hose that would need superseding.”

John was told the part for his Veissmann model had to be ordered from Germany. Then he got another summons.

“This time I was asked to contribute £120,” he says. “I agreed as I perceive I had no alternative and my wife is a semi-invalid and we’re both in our 80s, but I felt I’d been pushed into a corner.”

When John denoted the charge he says he was told his boiler’s six-year-old depreciation came to innumerable than the cost of the repair which needed special parts however available from Germany. 

Yet all he could see in his contract’s terms was that contrariwise boilers under 15 years old qualified for the cover and there was a  £1,000 demand limit. 


John had signed up after a cold collect summon in October 2016, paying £17 a month

When John did his own online interrogation he found the rubber hose and two clips needed were available with well-deserved a two-week wait from his local plumbers’ merchant Plumbase in Norwich for £47.40.

As the hose was on neatness from Germany John kept faith until he was told initially they had arrived but then the wrong one had been sent. The fitting when all is said happened in May.

“The cold obliged us to live in our lounge for several weeks because it had a gas vim,” he added questioning why the delays when the parts seemed to be readily on tap in the UK.

Just as we were asking the company to look at John’s contract, make a differences took a turn for the worse.

John had decided he’d had enough and terminated the compact, cancelling his direct debit. 


John had decided he’d had satisfactorily and terminated the agreement, cancelling his direct debit

“I did it in good time respective weeks before the year was up,” he says. “But then I had a very unpleasant christen. I was told I would face debt collectors if I did not retract, because this was a catalogue contract. But I believed I had acted correctly and given fair warning.”

This was unequivocally not on we thought so we asked 24/7 Home Rescue to investigate as matter of extremity. 

First it rightly stopped any debt action and followed up confirming: “We prize ourselves in our customer services and strive to make the whole journey from engaging out a policy to making a claim as easy as possible. We regret that on this elicit, our standards fell short of what Mr Pilkington should expect. As a indication of goodwill we have agreed to reimburse him the £120 contribution towards the set someone back of the repair.”   

John has now received the refund and said: “We’re most relieved and appreciative to Crusader. I hope this company has learned a lesson.”


Subcontractors as a rule do the work for companies offering home and appliance servicing plans

How to get a proficient boiler service deal  

Subcontractors usually do the work for companies present home and appliance servicing plans.  

While poor service is time again down to failures at this level, it’s the firms that employ them that be compelled stand accountable. 

When taking out a contract always check how covet it lasts, any early cancellation penalties, whether you have to actively approve to its renewal or whether it continues unless you indicate otherwise and how long in accelerate you have before cancelling.  Also check if there is any excess, the demands surrounding the age of boilers and whether there is any repair speed pledge. If you are squealed parts need to come from overseas, get the details as the majority for familiar brands are available in the UK.

Consumer campaigner Which? has some good admonition re servicing contracts and best boilers, for more see

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