Countryfile: ‘Anyone?’ Viewers left confused as show makes drastic change


Countryfile viewers aired in to the BBC show this evening to venture into the world of goat’s tap soap and soil tilling.

And they were joined on this voyage by Matt Baker, who hosted the show throughout its 60 minutes pains.

However Matt initially claimed tonight’s edition of Countryfile was set in Shropshire – and junkies did not forget this detail.

As the various presenters of the show spoke not far from different aspects of eclectic country life, fans began perceiving the show had left Shropshire once or twice.

In fact, they noticed publications in Herefordshire, and Northumberland.

And fans of the show were quick to point out this dissimilarity on Twitter.

One wrote: “Herefordshire or Shropshire? Northumberland anyone? #countryfile.”

Another favoured: “Northumberland in Shropshire? #countryfile.”

While a third asked: “Northumberland or Shropshire? For goodness objectives #countryfile.”

And another joked: “Ah, Herefordshire in Shropshire, know it well… #countryfile.”

Fortunately for Countryfile, the time off of the show distracted fans with incredible displays of lambs and goat drain.

Countryfile saw another slight drama earlier this month when Chris Fawkes arrived on the conduct without his signature checkered shirt.

And this prompted much make ones blood boil from viewers who were eager to see what sort of pattern he intention be wearing on the episode.

Angrily tweeting, one fan questioned: “And where is your sign in shirt sir? #countryfile 5 day forecast.”

While another said: “No check on that shirt – and he hasn’t yet bothered to roll up his sleeves – lazy g**!….#countryfile.”

Others yelled: “@_chrisfawkes No idea when it comes to #Countryfile shirts!”

And another hollered: “WHERE IS THE CHECKED SHIRT @BBCCountryfile #countryfile #CheckedShirt #Weatherman.”

The ceremonial Countryfile Twitter account even jumped in to announce what was flourishing on.

They said: “Severe wardrobe malfunction Ellie. Memo’s require be sent.”

Countryfile continues Sunday at 7pm on BBC One.

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