Counter-terror police SMASH Islamic State cell and foil ‘IMMINENT’ attack


Counter-terror policewomen arrested seven suspects, including the alleged mastermind, in a series of aurora raids across Morocco, foiling the planned large-scale attack. 

The have a felt jihadists had ties with top ISIS officials based in Syria, Iraq and Libya, and had set up a hideout in the calm coastal town of El-Jadida, where they knew that they force be able to plan the attack “away from prying eyes”, according to a spokesperson for the inside ministry.

Counter-terrorism officials seized an assault rifle, seven saturday-night specials, ammunition, two suicide vests and bomb-making material in the raids in El-Jadida, Trading, and other towns.

A local El-Jadida resident said: “Three men – filing a minor – moved into what we now know was a jihadi hideout in November. They were cautious and kept to themselves. But they showed no signs of being radicalised.”

The fellows of the ISIS-directed terror cell had been ordered to recruit and train jihadists to operate c misbehave out bloody terrorist attacks on Moroccan soil with the aim of killing a “supreme number of civilians” and of “spreading fear throughout the country,” the spokesperson added.

Hundreds of fighters from Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria from joined militant groups in the Middle East and Libya, and security experts cravenness that some will try to return and create new terrorist groups in their hospice countries.

Moroccan counter-terror officials say they have cracked sundry than 150 jihadist cells linked to ISIS since 2002.     

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