Council to spend £160,000 on boost for Gaelic language



Committee to spend £160,000 on boost for Gaelic language

Perth and Kinross have designs ons to reverse the decline which has left just 1,287 locals be obvious the language, and has unveiled a Gaelic Language Plan (GLP) to be rolled out over the next five years.

According to the most fresh figures, the number of residents speaking Gaelic in the area has fallen from 1,453. The money order plan proposes “Gaelic early learning and childcare provision” as accurately as moves to improve the uptake of Gaelic education in schools.

The council is also everything considered adopting a bilingual corporate logo, as well as creating welcome notables at local authority buildings, including schools.

The GLP also includes guidelines for convocation staff on how and when to use Gaelic in relevant meetings and “where appropriate in day-to-day matter”.

We have to be careful about putting up too many bilingual low road signs, which can be confusing

Willie Robertson

The council has around 13 artiste Gaelic teachers, play leaders and support assistants and it is further bid to train and invest in more.

Plans to revive the language have confirmed controversial in the past.

Councillor Willie Robertson earlier this year greeted proposals to concentrate on areas with historical ties with the cant, but pointed out that it has not been spoken in most of Kinrossshire since the centre ages.

He said: “We have to be careful about putting up too many bilingual parkway signs, which can be confusing. It’s a tricky one to argue, especially when gelt is so tight in education at the moment.”


The number of residents speaking Gaelic in the close has fallen from 1,453

The plan has also been criticised by some neighbourhood pub residents on social media, with Facebook users questioning the use of segment money.

A local authority spokesperson responded to one comment, stressing the growth of the GLP was “fundamentally a legal requirement”.

Depute council leader Murray Lyle reckoned: “Perth and Kinross Council is committed to the objectives set out in the National Plan for Gaelic, which disposition put in place the necessary structures and initiatives to ensure that the language has a sustainable subsequent in this area.

“Our new GLP sets out our plan for Gaelic over the next five years and, toe the public consultation, the council is committed to getting the views of as many in the flesh as possible on how we can achieve this.”

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