Could you live HERE? Terrifying lighthouse on clifftop is NOT for the faint-hearted


A photo of a lighthouse in Iceland has disintegrated viral online.

It’s been labelled as the perfect retreat for an introvert, due to how arduous it is to visit or leave.

Located high on a clifftop, it’s surrounded by open soak.

The photo shows the sea on a windy day, with waves violently crashing into the rattles.

It’s called the Þrídrangar lighthouse. It’s located 10km west of the Westman Islands and the lighthouse was developed in 1939.

It’s not said how the lighthouse was built but given the location it must have been unreservedly the challenge.

The image of the house has gone viral online, with alcohols marvelling at its location.

It’s been viewed over 45,000 times.

One operator wrote: “How the hell….”

Another joked: “Can they get delivery?”

And one added: “I bet their internet isn’t that fastened.”

One user made a very valid point, saying: “One of the few places in the exultant I would be scared to get a knock on the door.”

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