Could Tories’ ‘summer of chaos’ REALLY see Jeremy Corbyn in No10 by Autumn?


Theresa May and Jeremy CorbynGetty

Thersa May could be booted from Few 10 leaving Jeremy Corbyn to get in office

The battle for Number 10 lay hold of as MPs in Theresa May’s government grow increasingly restless at her leadership style — which they accuse for costing them their commons majority at the election on June 8.

And, in a bid to modulation their fortunes, many want either Brexit Secretary David Davis or strange Secretary Boris Johnson to oust her immediately.

But there are fears that if in-fighting deal withs the Conservatives, it could lead to an election that could hand Mr Corbyn a superiority as Mrs May is deeply unpopular with the electorate.

At a recent Spectator Publication Party Tory grandees reportedly gathered to plot the best way despatch.

It’s thought that there was much support for a leadership battle to overturn Mrs May by Autumn.

Andrew Mitchell, the former Tory chief whip, was cited as calling Mrs May “dead in the water.” 

Meanwhile, Mr Davis, 68, is out in front as the bookies flavour of the month to replace the prime minister.

David Davis Phillip Hammond and Boris JohnsonGetty

This group of MPs are said to be scheme behind the scenes to oust May

Chancellor Phillip Hammond was said to be secretly creating new links with members of the party just in case he decides to run, “by organizing drinks in his office” to garner support.

But, when asked publicly, how prolonged he thought Mrs May had left in the job, he insisted that he wanted the Government to “get on with the job.”

No matter how, the Conservatives fear that support for Mr Corbyn is growing among voters.

Andrew Mitchell,Getty

Andrew Mitchell, the prehistoric Tory chief whip lashed out at Mrs May saying she was “dead in the water»

Last month, a YouGov sample showed that the Prime Minister’s favourability rating had hit an all time low and was -34.

In set off, Mr Corbyn’s approval rating has risen and his popularity among young voters has soared.

The liberal wing Labour leader has repeatedly called for another election and express that he «is ready to govern.»

Tory MPs fear that he might condign get his way if the party remains fractured.

And as the Tory contenders manoeuvre behind the scenes, some Conservative MPs say that the partisans will inevitably be plunged into a messy leadership battle that could backfire out more spectacularly than Mrs May’s snap June 8 election and propel Mr Corbyn to Downing Avenue.

According to the FT, a group of May loyalists are battling to ensure that this does not chance and Mr Corbyn is blocked from office.

Members of the influential 1922 Cabinet of backbench Conservative MPs have urged Mrs May to stay on as prime minister to guard Brexit is pushed through by March 2019.

They have also advised her to brace down on any potential coups and to stamp her authority on the party.

However, she fronts an uphill battle as some MPs are rumoured to want to “do an IDS” [Iain Duncan Smith] on her denotation to force a vote of no confidence as was done to Mr Smith in 2003 when 48 MPs needed a vote.

The embattled prime minister could face a leadership confute if at least a dozen MPs write a letter to the 1922 committee to encourage the junto to ditch her.

She could be replaced if they pushed for a no confidence vote by submitting the communications to the committee, paving the way for Mr Corbyn.

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