Could this quirky safety video help YOU survive a plane CRASH?


For customary flyers, the inevitable safety video can often be a bore.

Cabin corps are quick to ensure you watch it, as doing so could save your get-up-and-go in the unlikely event of a plane crash.

But how do you keep people’s attention when the cause matter is so routine that ssengers are prone to zoning out?

Air New Zealand contain come up with a novel way to delight ssengers and ensure they are enlightened of safety procedures in this hilarious and star-studded video.

The video which somebodies actor Rhys Darby, of Flight of the Concords and Anna Faris, heavenly body of the Scary Movie franchise.

The duo film a variety of scenes in different Hollywood spoofs, containing an old fashion cop show, a scary movie and a French romance.

And in each snippet, the stars are horn in by Air New Zealand’s cabin crew who point out some of important safety standards when up in the air.

The airline has a history of making impressive safety videos, at one time using The Hobbit — which was famously filmed in New Zealand — to highlight what to do in suitcase of emergency.

Their latest safety video was filmed in a variety of Warner Bros. presents.

The locations even included Faris’ beau Chris Pratt’s hit vapour Jurassic rk.

In the hilarious video, the stars poke fun at themselves, with Kiwi Rhys forging his New Zealand accent.

And Anna brings up her turn in the Scary Movie veils too.

If you’re scared of flying, then you will ALWAYS watch the safety videos.

For one in four of us, the tinge of stepping on a plane leaves our lms sweaty and hearts racing – above all if you’ve watched this video of a Boeing Dreamliner in a vertical climb.

And after the Non-native & Commonwealth Office (FCO) revealed there is a heightened threat of terrorist criticism globally against UK interests and British nationals, safety when restless is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Fear of flying can be debilitating, preventing subject trips and ruining summer holiday plans leaving your adulated ones missing out too.

But can a simple one day course cure your fear of obstacle?

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