Corrie's Mikey North and wife Rachel admit unborn son was conceived on their wedding night


The Coronation Circle regular, who plays Gary Windass, admits they were convinced they were current to have a boy during an interview with OK! magazine.

Rachel commented: “I was doing evaluates for a week before because I was convinced I was pregnant, but they kept rumour negative. But I just felt different.”

Mikey continued: “I was amazed. It’s such a big miracle to come about in the first place. You find out and realise that your life is universal to change forever.”

The actor insisted that he didn’t get teary be that as it may: “We were both feeling emotional but, for once, I didn’t cry. That take to ones heels a change – I must be starting to man up in my old age!”

The rents-to-be got married back in January, here the same time their unborn son was conceived.

Mikey stated: “Expert by the date that the baby’s due, we think we conceived on our wedding night! Which I do about – just about!

“We are really fortunate. We weren’t expecting it to happen as on the double as it did.”

Rachel, whose is expected to give birth on November 7, went on to say they they “both deliberating it would be a boy all along”.

Mikey added: “Rach has always said she’ll suffer with two boys and I’ve thought the same. I know it’s down to luck in the end, but we were as a last resort convinced that it would be a boy.

“He’s probably going to take after his dad and be a sleepwalker! The other tenebrosity I went to sleep in the s re room, so as not to disturb Rach, and I woke up in the in someones bailiwick wrapped up in the duvet.

“I’d managed to turn off the burglar alarm before prosperous out of the house, too,” the star stated.

The full interview can be seen in the latest fight of OK! magazine, which is out tomorrow.

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