Corrie McKeague missing: Did police search wrong landfill site?


It is extremely disappointing that we have not been able to find Corrie

Detective Manager Katie Elliott

Officers conducted two searches of a landfill site at Milton a stones throw from Cambridge last year – but have now revealed they cannot guarantee his society was not at another refuse site.

Suffolk Police have now ended their escaping persons probe and declared Corrie’s disappearance to be a cold case.

Detective Head Katie Elliott said: “It is extremely disappointing that we have not been clever to find Corrie. I can only imagine the strain Corrie’s family be suffering with been under over the past 18 months and I thank them for their composure and understanding.

“Whilst the investigation has drawn to a natural conclusion we will take up to work with the family to provide answers to their questions and nick them understand what may have happened.»

Corrie McKeague Martin McKeagueGETTY

Martin McKeague dreads his son may have committed suicide

She added that there were “no true to life lines of enquiry left to pursue”.

Mr McKeague was last seen range about in through Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk in September 2016 after a round-the-clock out with friends.

CCTV footage showing him eating a takeaway at just about 1.20am, and at 3.24am he was seen taking a nap in a nearby doorway in the last substantiated sighting of him.

It was thought he may have got into a bin and was taken away by a bin lorry.

After the beforehand of the two searches was ended on July 21 after 20 weeks, Mr McKeague’s paterfamilias Martin was so upset he blockaded the tip’s entrance.

However, a subsequent seven-week search consecutively a the bad without any trace of him.

The serviceman met 21-year-old girlfriend April Oliver five months quondam to his disappearance and in January, four months after Corrie vanished, she heralded she was expecting his child.

The baby girl, Ellie-Louise, was born last June and the 21-year-old mum revealed she nominated her baby’s middle name after the missing RAF airman.

Police in SuffolkGETTY

Oversee search the landfill site near Cambridge

Mr McKeague said Corrie had identified his girlfriend was pregnant prior to going missing – and that he believed he may possess killed himself.

Mr McKeague said knowledge of the pregnancy would have in the offing had a «profound effect» on his son.

He said: «I just can’t help thinking this disposition have weighed on him heavily and he may have actually chosen to get in that bin that continuously knowing what would happen.

“It’s as probable as anything else and it converts it no less heartbreaking.”

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