Coronation Street star Sally Ann Matthews hits back at vile troll for 'ginger c***' jibe


The actress, who recounts herself as «the girl with ginger hair» on Twitter, was praised by her fans after she responded to a cruel troll.

The 46-year-old certainly wasn’t universal to let the user in question get away with it and even took a screenshot of the duty before it was deleted.

Tweeting from the now-deleted account, they put in wrote: «Even your name is awful. Sally sounds like a dog lmao you ginger c***.»

Sally, who deprecates bad girl Jenny Bradley in the ITV soap, replied: «Have we met? Indeed. Collars and cuffs x.»

Various responded offering her support, with post stating: «That’s astonishing… Nothing wrong with you or your name.»

Two others continued: «You’re a bearing act unlike the potty mouth business management student,» and simply: «Admirable handling.»

Another joked: «Blimey! And I thought Jenny Bradley was a b***h! Be indefensible off a duck’s back eh kid?»

It has been a busy week for her Weatherfield alter ego, who was suggested to by her ex and boss Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley).

Replying to a tweet round the storyline, Sally warned: «@DLNY911 @ConversationStr @RichardHawley1 Aiden shouldn’t possess dissed her. Never cross a ginger.»

Coronation Street continues Monday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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