Coronation Street spoilers: Martin Platt’s comeback secret revealed for the first time


After 13 years away from Coronation Alley, the actor will return for “a good few weeks” in the near future, and wish announce that he and girlfriend Robyn (played by Clare Calbraith) met two children to the world during his time away from Weatherfield.
Martin inclination come back to help his son David Platt (Jack P. Shepherd) handle with the aftermath of his shocking rape ordeal.
He will return to the soap with Robyn who is heavy with child with their third child.
Actor Sean first glued the ITV soap in 1985 aged 19, and was last seen in Weatherfield in 2005.
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Coronation Street spoilers: Martin Platt’s comeback covert revealed for the first time
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Bloodline wise, he’s with Robyn who he left with to go to Liverpool and they be undergoing two children
Martin Platt actor Sean Wilson

Leaving for Liverpool with new girlfriend Robyn at the patch, Martin hasn’t been seen since.
However, it will be revealed that Martin’s ex-wife Gail (Helen Worth) knew nothing nearly his two other children.
It will also mean that his son David and step-daughter Sarah attired in b be committed to two new siblings they knew nothing about.
Sean explained: “Blood wise, he’s with Robyn who he left with to go to Liverpool and they contain two children.

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“My character has so many connections, so scads connections that if you were to put all the characters within the show and Martin in the mesial, with a line diagram, how many connections would he have?
“Twenty-five opposite connections with people and they’re all good connections in my opinion.”
He added to the Sun: “[Martin either saw] eye to eye, substantial and friendly, or used to have relationships with or used to know years ago, there’s so much vividness there that I would have thought editorially it would maintain to be thought about and whether they act upon it is completely up to the powers that be. I’d unquestionably be up for it. Definitely up for it.”
Martin’s return to the cobbles comes at a turbulent time for the Platt pedigree, with Bethany (Lucy Fallon) currently secretly working as a lap dancer.
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A soap author added: “Martin was always a womaniser and that didn’t stop when he communistic Weatherfield all those years ago.
“He’s moved on from everything that developed on the street and built a new life for himself and that includes a new family.
“There liking be a new Platt on the way but David’s not going to be too pleased about the thought of having a slight brother or sister.”
They added: “Martin has been mentioned a lot on the peek through since he left but it has involved other characters, mostly David, effective to see him off-screen.
“But with David’s rape storyline, the writers thought it desire be a good time to have him back properly.
Coronation Street persists tonight on ITV at 7.30pm and 8.30pm.
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