Coronation Street spoilers: Jude’s secret RUMBLED as fans notice Mary’s son is hiding THIS


Jude (played by Fit of temper Wallace) is Mary’s (Patti Clare) long-lost Coronation Street son.
Yet, during Monday night’s episode he confirmed that he was working as a seafaring biologist.
Jude celebrated his new job over a bottle of prosecco, but looked treacherous like he was hiding a huge secret.
Acting shady in the pub, Jude didn’t act stirred about his new job and took a phone call to say he could start work next week.
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No no, I got it. I start next week
Jude Appleton (played by Fit Wallace)

Jude had initially spotted a job at the local marine centre and had an appraise after Mary’s encouragement.
Appearing to be racked with nerves in the lead of the interview, he didn’t seem too pleased when he returned home.
Jude’s better half Angie Appleton (Victoria Ekanoye) and Mary thought his frown designed he wasn’t successful in landing the job, with Angie fearing a potential fiscal struggle.
She said: “I don’t think a few tentative leads from Dev is going to do us any salutary when it comes to supporting our family.”
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Jude then said: “No no, I got it. I start next week.”
As Jude carry oned to act like he was hiding the truth, fans instantly took to social mode believing that he was holding back a big secret.
One viewer tweeted: “BTW, the job that Jude’s scarcely got is actually as a male stripper in Tassels. #corrie.”
“#Corrie Adjudicating by his expression, I think Jude DIDN’T get the job and didn’t even show up, ergo supporting my theory that Jude is work-shy,” speculated another.
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A third posted: “Jude is in all probability an ice cream man or something? #corrie.”
“Jude’s going to be flipping burgers, isn’t he? #Corrie,” added another.
A fifth united: “I bet it’s not a job as a marine biologist. #corrie.”
“I think Jude’s hiding something far his new job….. #Corrie,” guessed another.
Will Jude come chaste about his job, or continue the pretence about his marine biologist role?
Coronation High road continues tonight on ITV at 7.30pm.
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