Coronation Street spoiler: Will Amy Barlow escape Rob Donovan as he evades police capture?


At length week, pictures emerged showing Coronation Street bad girl Tracy Barlow (played by Kate Ford) being stalled at a disused farmhouse as her former lover Rob Donovan was snapped on-set at the rainy fingers on.

Rob was convicted of murdering Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) back in 2014 and sent to cooler for 25 years, however it now appears that he isn’t safely locked up behind strips.

While previous snaps left fans of the ITV soap wondering how he had preside overed to escape from incarceration, new pictures show Rob evading police apprehension at the farmhouse before speeding off with Tracy’s daughter Amy (Elle Mulvaney) in his car.

The similes show a furious confrontation between Amy and Rob, after his car breaks down and she looks to mystify him.

One snap sees Amy screaming at him as she stands out in the rain before running away and demise him at the roadside.

Rob appears to be worried that police will recognise him, as he try ones hand ats to remain incognito in a grey hoodie with a black baseball cap captivated low over his eyes as he peers under the car’s bonnet, attempting to get his vehicle up and perpetual again.

Although the plot has yet to air, fans are desperate to figure out how Rob escaped and what he has planned for Tracy’s daughter Amy.

Hindmost week’s pictures showed him locked in a steamy embrace with Tracy at the arcane location, leaving people wondering if she helped orchestrate his break-out from clink.

But after Tracy is arrested by armed police, will Rob kidnap Amy and do a run for it? And is Weatherfield set for a darker plot with a dangerous criminal on the loose and blurt out through the fingers of law enforcement?

Coronation Street continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV.

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