Coronation Street: Ofcom WON’T be investigating controversial episode for THIS reason


The adventure in question featured parents Steve McDonald (played by Simon Gregson) and Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) trying to put their baby Olly to bed, and after tense bouts of tiredness the twins attempted controlled crying. 

The divisive technique involves training a spoil to stop relying on comfort from their parents in order to rest and learn to soothe themselves instead, eventually becoming more unrestricted with their sleeping habits.

Steve and Leanne, who at the time were in view of giving their co-parenting a chance at a real romantic relationship, were divined leaving Olly upstairs as the sound of screaming prompted viewers to send the communications regulator hordes of questions.

Addressing the complaints, an Ofcom spokesman revealed that they transfer not be investigating the episode which aired on July 31. 

David Shona Steve LeanneITV

Coronation Street: Ofcom maintain decided not to investigate a scene that depicted controlled crying

Steve and LeanneITV

Coronation Circle: Steve and Leanne co-parent baby Olly together

Steve and LeanneITV

Coronation In someones bailiwick: The ‘couple’ tried controlling crying after being unable to log a few zees Zs

We found the plot centred around the relationship between two characters

Ofcom spokesman

He delineated: «We considered complaints that this episode promoted ‘controlled weeping’, a parenting method which attracts strong views. 

«We found the outline centred around the relationship between two characters, and did not promote a view on whether knobbed crying is appropriate or effective.»

The last time the broadcasting watchdog were stated to investigate a plot from the ITV soap was during teenager Bethany Platt’s (Lucy Fallon) primping storyline, that led to her being raped by corrupt police officer Neil and associate of her boyfriend Nathan Curtis’ (Chris Harper) sex ring. 

But when the soap proceeded as normal and Coronation Street boss Kate Oates was criticised for delegating the show «too dark» after she joined, the producer denied that the boomerang was justified.

Bethany PlattITV

Coronation In someones bailiwick: Bethany’s grooming storyline also caused upset with some viewers

«Not at all,» she swayed. «A lot of the criticism came when people had watched one or two episodes that had been explicitly dark and challenging.

«But this is a serial drama and there was light, sentiment and optimism as part of that longer journey. For me, this was a feminist item because Bethany took the power back.»

Coronation Street extends tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.

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