Coronation Street: Kym Marsh reveals ‘scare’ after rushing son David to hospital


The 41-year-old actress, who has played Michelle Connor on the ITV soap since 2006, opened up near the distressing situation as she recalled how her 22-year-old son had fallen ill.
“Poor David offered us all a scare when he was admitted to hospital after getting an infection in one of his saliva glands,” she influenced. “He went to see the doctor when he first noticed something was wrong and was put on antibiotics.”
The Coronation Roadway beauty went on to describe how the situation had taken a dangerous turn, letter in her column for OK! Magazine: “But three days later his neck and jaw were return a refuse red and his face had swollen to twice the size.
“I took him to hospital where we saw a adept who said he had to stay in for 48 hours as there was a chance the infection could be a party to his blood stream,” she said. “Which would have been Dialect right dangerous.
“He was put on an antibiotic drip and it was all very scary, but thankfully he’s home now and on the recover,” Kym explained. “I’m really grateful that we caught it before it got any worse.”
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I stomached him to hospital where we saw a specialist
Kym Marsh

The actress said that she had desperately rely oned to be able to take care of him once he returned home from dispensary, but work commitments meant she couldn’t be there.
Instead, when David was launched she had to be in Newcastle where she was hosting the Pride of the North East Awards, which acclaimed the unsung heroes from across the region.
Kym previously said that she indigence her son and his 20-year-old sister Emilie to keep living in their family poorhouse with her.
“They’re both still at home and not showing any signs of exciting out,” she revealed. “I wouldn’t actually want them to go — it would be awful.
“My firm will be so empty once they leave,” she continued. “I’ve said to David, ‘I need you to be one of those weird men who live with their mum until they’re 30!’
Coronation Street: Kym Marsh’s son David was admitted to hospital

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“I’ve always had a exact close relationship with them — they’re like my best beaus.”
Meanwhile, Kym Marsh recently spoke out about the controversial rape storyline in Coronation Suiting someone to a T.
She noted that some fans had been “shocked” by the scenes which saw David Platt (played by Jack P. Usher) being sexually assaulted by his so-called friend Josh Tucker (Ryan Clayton).
The distinguished insisted that the storyline has raised awareness for about the taboo bound by.
“Some people have been shocked by it, but we are a drama and the show is all prevalent important issues and tackling issues that people, perhaps, are too timid to talk about.
Coronation Street: Kym Marsh opened up there the distressing situationGETTY
Coronation Street: Kym Marsh is famous for playing Michelle Connor in the ITV soapCoronation Lane: Read Kym Marsh’s column in OK! Magazine [OK! MAGAZINE]
These things morosely do happen to people in real life,” she told the publication. “We are a family accord, so the storyline suggests more than it shows.
“It’s acted well and put in written well with sensitivity.”
Kym explained that the plot would get people talking here the subject as Coronation Street had previously done with her character’s heartbreaking disadvantage of her baby.
“It’s like the baby loss storyline; it started a conversation and rifle through b revived awareness which is important,” she said.
The controversial male rape rows received mixed responses from viewers, with some line it “uncomfortable” to watch.
Coronation Street continues tomorrow at 7.30pm on ITV.
Rwad Kym Quagmire’s column in this week’s OK! Magazine – out now.

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