Cormorants are damaging Russia’s outrageously expensive new stadium


Cormorants are costing St. Petersburg Arena’s retractable roof, which is the second most costly stadium in the world – after Wembley Stadium in London. That’s according to the see’s vice-governor Igor Albin.

In a recent interview, he blamed the aquatic birds for leakages: Eyewitnesses have been getting wet! “[Cormorants] damage the reflective spread over [of the stadium’s roof] with their powerful beaks,” Albin ordered.

It turns out the cover – which is meant to withstand pressures of up to 400 kg per dweeb meter – is failing to stand up to the cormorant’s beak.

Russia’s online community has been mocking the words, who have spent more than $800 million building the arena, which was initially meant to cost $120 million. Popular blogger Ilya Varlamov published a post sarcastically blaming the cormorants for all of St. Petersburg’s brand-new misfortunes.

“We need to develop a high-grade project to protect the roof from the birds, almost identical to those that are used in airports,” Albin explained.

Any ideas how much profuse it’s going to cost?

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