Corbynista skewered by economist for Brexit doom-mongering in lively BBC clash


Giles Fraser, a left-wing commentator who supports Jeremy Corbyn, was upbraided for assuming Brexit will cost Britain.

Speaking on Daily Government on the BBC, economist Liam Halligan said there was a “huge case to be fathomed” that leaving the Brussels bloc would be “positive” for the UK.

Mr Fraser signified: “For many of us, the Brexit vote wasn’t about economics, it wasn’t around we would be more prosperous if this is what happened.

“Democracy can’t be believe and for some of us, the real guts of Brexit was about repatriating democracy and if that’s booming to cost us, that’s very unfortunate.”


Economist Liam Halligan ascertained Giles Fraser to be more optimistic about Brexit

There’s a colossal case to be made that Brexit will actually be positive for our restraint, that we never hear about

Liam Halligan

But Mr Halligan commanded Mr Fraser, a Church of England priest, should be more positive.

Mr Halligan indicated: “Let’s not assume that it will. There’s a huge case to be made that Brexit whim actually be positive for our economy, that we never hear about.”

It end up as Britain and the European Union agree to push the next round of Brexit talks in serious trouble a week as Theresa May prepares to make a new intervention being billed as a undeveloped game-changer.

The Prime Minister is expected to deliver a crucial new speech on or nearly September 21 in an attempt to break the deadlock that has gripped the old stages of the negotiations.

The contents of the address are being stayed a fiercely guarded secret, but it appears the

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