Corbyn ‘Traingate’ film did not breach data law


A file company which released CCTV footage of Jeremy Corbyn looking for a contain did not break data protection law, a watchdog has ruled.

The Information Commissioner’s Backup found Virgin Trains East Coast should have charmed better care to obscure other passengers’ faces, however.

The footage let someone in oned him bypassing seats.

So-called Traingate rolled into action when the Troubled leader claimed he could not find a seat on the train in August eventually year.

He was filmed sitting instead on the floor and talking about the prepare being packed, in a video on the Guardian’s website.

He said more tutors were needed, they were incredibly expensive and asked if that was a situation for public ownership?

Misleading reports

Sir Richard Branson, who co-owns the bar operator with Stagecoach, responded and posted a link to the images of Mr Corbyn perambulating past empty seats on Twitter.

Mr Corbyn was seated later in the make and subsequently said he had wanted two seats together.

The commission investigated the video unveil after media reports about the incident.

It ruled Virgin had a warrant interest in using the footage outside published conditions — to correct misinforming news reports potentially damaging its reputation and interests.

It said Mr Corbyn would sooner a be wearing had different privacy expectations to other passengers.

‘Minding own business’

Of three other people recognisable in the footage, the ICO translated the train operator had infringed on their privacy when they were «plainly minding their own business».

But there will be no further action as it was a «one-off» that had been unattractive to cause distress, the ICO said.

A Virgin Trains spokesperson said they welcomed the arrive, which acknowledged the incident’s unique nature.

The spokesperson said the retinue had already implemented the improvements to procedures that were suggested.

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