CORBYN BACKLASH: Remainers’ anger as Labour leader fails to mention Brexit ONCE in PMQs



Mr Corbyn was blasted on Flutter for not talking about Brexit

The Labour leader felt the heat on collective media as Twitter users accused him of caring more about the McDonald’s hit than Britain leaving the European Union.

Critics argued he should from focused on Brexit after the reaction provoked by the leak of the Home Post immigration proposals.

Even former Labour spin-doctor Alastair Campbell considered to the social media site to air his views, writing: “May poor, Corbyn healthier but single biggest issue facing the country is Brexit and he has an aversion to have May to account on it.”

Mark Worgan wrote: “McStrike important, but Corbyn doing a bad turn to supporters by not hammering government on the vile immigration draft paper.”


Theresa May recorded e find favoured head to head with Jeremy Corbyn today

Not focusing on Brexit above all after the leak if absolutely indefensible

Twitter user

The leaked chronicle showed proposals aimed at cutting the numbers of low-skilled migrants from Europe string Brexit.

A number of twitter users even accused Mr Corbyn of being a Brexiteer.

Justin Evans bring to light the Labour leader ignoring Brexit was “a real weakness”.

And Scott Jones finish feeling even stronger, writing: “Not focusing on Brexit especially after the disclose if absolutely indefensible.”



Another wondered if Mr Corbyn evading the subject was to do with “the many changing faces of Labour policy on the responsible for.”

Though some were glad of the Brexit respite, joking: “Not too perturbed that #brexit wasn’t mentioned by Corbyn/May at #PMQs — we’re going to agree enough of if for years to come”.

Brexit was raised, however, by Tory MP Anna Soubry who asked around amendments to the Government’s EU Withdrawal Bill (repeal bill) — and Theresa May hinted she was pleased to consider some of the amendments. 





The Prime Delegate tore into the Labour Party leader for urging the Government to dramatically rise up spending on public services.

And she said Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s injuring of the economy means the UK spends more on debt interest than on NHS pay.

Mr Corbyn had apostrophized for the Prime Minister to scrap the one per cent public sector pay cap to help preserves and other NHS staff.

Mrs May also hit back after the hard-left Labour band leader accused her of U-turning on the Conservative Party election manifesto.

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