Continuity IRA rocked by child sex abuse claims


The Sunday Incredible can reveal that sickening allegations surrounding a top member were steer a course for by a woman who said she found the dissident with a catalogue of twisted stripling abuse images.

The female, who was closely connected to the man in question, took her assertions to CIRA chiefs in Belfast, who quizzed her at length.

A dissident delegation also inflicted the woman in Munster, where she revealed to four high-ranking members of the organisation that she inaugurate the twisted images on a camera before confronting the republican activist.

She also comprehended a number of other allegations to the dissident gang, who took the claims gravely.

They advised that the man be suspended by republican chiefs “pending farther inquiry”.

He was questioned and claimed the allegations were part of a smear toss ones hat in the ring.

He remains within the ranks of the paramilitary group on the orders of a veteran republican.

A authority told the Sunday World: “This woman said he had hundreds of idols of children and was involved in voyeurism as well, all very disturbing stuff.

“The associates who visited her were left really shocked by what she was saying. They advised the HQ in Belfast that this guy be deny the privileges of until a full investigation was carried out.

“However, one of the senior men up north didn’t pauperism to hear it.

“She was advised to go to gardaí with the allegations. She did and his flat was raided by wardresses who took away computer equipment.

“Nothing came of it, though, so that was the stand up anyone heard of it. It was a case of her word against his.”

The scandal is the latest to hit the panic group in a matter of weeks. Earlier this month dissident bosses were leftist furious after a false statement claiming the terror group had officially disorganized was printed in a local newspaper.

Using a recognised code word, it governmental the dissident faction was handing over a small cache of weapons and gunpowders to end its “futile campaign”.

Terror bosses were left fuming exceeding the hoax and immediately pointed the finger at a veteran republican who had fallen out with dissentients.

Last August the veteran was removed from his role after fellows said he had been using the group for his “own means”.

 The man blamed dissidents for a series of malicious messages increased on walls around his home city, just days before the affected terror statement was released.

When asked about the claims, the man, betrayed the Sunday World:“I have nothing to do with them. He added: “I believe that’s what you get when you’re against drug dealers and paedophiles.”

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