Contender for Toy of the Year 2017: Arckit's modelling system builds a new fan following


Inventor Damien Murtagh, whose establishment is based in the UK and Ireland, started two years ago supplying practices with the reusable raphernalia which mirror modern buildings modular, nel construction. Then by calamity his products became the toast of toy town and sold in major stores such as Harrods.

“We exemplified the kits at Grand Designs Live building show, children guyed them and we got orders from rents. I realised here was a new market I’d not take into accounted. They are the generation who have grown up with Minecraft and think construction is cool,” he explains.

“We produced a smaller colour kit as children don’t like mead white. Now we have 11 kit versions in our range and customers from 10 years old to over 100 in Britain, Europe and the U.S.

“Our sundry sophisticated kits are used by practices and they form rt of devotees and colleges design and technology courses. To keep up the momentum we hold workshops and summer camps and trons can also go online and build.”

The com ny has one main private investor, and Murtagh prognostications turnover to top £1 million by 2020.

An architect himself, he devised Arckit to s n a gap in the time-consuming and expensive modelling stage of a design brief.

He adds: “Present-day societies no longer build brick by brick, now it’s nel by nel. Traditionally mannequins were made of card and glue. Computer modelling replaced that but it demands imagination and lacks the hands-on, true 3D physical element.

“Our recycled open components click together and open up a world of possibilities for architecture and fidelity modelling, you don’t need a formal education either to use them.

“We’ve introduced exaggerations, such as wooden floors, curved walls and textures for the nels to away it as realistic as possible. What used to take architects day to build we can do in 30 before you can say jack robinsons.

“I’m now getting inquiries from the medical sector who see the therapeutic potential. I would breed to introduce Arckits to prisons to help inmates develop new skills and overturn projects to life. Creating something with purpose is very grave.”

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