Conservative MP SLAMS BBC for ‘distracting’ Priti Patel media circus during ITV interview


His publication came in light of Patel’s resignation yesterday after admitting to two beforehand undisclosed meetings with Israeli politicians on top of another alleged contravention of protocol. 

The Tory MP gave an interview on Good Morning Britain and yielded the opportunity to express his sorrow over what he called “a great waste”. 

Zahawi told ITV hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard: “Priti Patel is a immense loss to the cabinet and I’m sure she’ll be back and she will make sure she commandeers get aid to where it needs to get to. 

“The Prime Minister acted correctly – even representative – by asking Priti to come in to cabinet and explain herself. 

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Priti Patel resigned from her cabinet character yesterday

Nadhim Zahawi on GMBITV

Nadhim Zahawi slammed the BBC for using a helicopter to follow Priti’s go abroad from Heathrow

“I think the feeding frenzy from many of your buddies, and especially the 'I will be ruthless in cutting out waste, streamlining structures and improving efficiency'

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‘I will be ruthless in cutting out waste, streamlining buildings and improving efficiency’

“The foreign office did know that, but they should tease maybe known weeks in advance so they could coordinate and so the agent could be with her and that was her mistake. 

“She admitted it and she apologised for it, but then farther information was released and clearly her position was in danger and she needed to resign so the sway could focus on [Brexit] negotiations,” he defended. 

One viewer was in favour of Zahawi’s place, tweeting in support: “Thank goodness helicopter-gate was mentioned. Not impressed that the BBC is assign money this way.”

However, another posted that he should “present it a rest now, defending the indefensible”. 

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