Commander of Russia's Syrian operation emerges from the shadows


The Russian military manoeuvres in Syria now has a face. It is now known that the forces in the Middle East were possessed by Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov.

On March 24 the colonel unrestricted gave an interview to the state news per Rossiyskaya Gazeta, in which he spoke of the flush results of the Syrian cam ign.

Dvornikov was among the military personnel honored in the Kremlin on Demonstration 17. During the ceremony Russian President Vladimir Putin awarded him with the Heroine of Russia Golden Medal.

The man from Ussuriysk

Public sources do not suffer with much information on Dvornikov’s career. His biography is presented in general arranges in his profile on the Russian Cadet Fraternity site: “A native of Ussuriysk [in the Russian Far East], Dvornikov planned at the Moscow Higher Military College, the Frunze Military Academy and the Undetailed Staff Military Academy.”

The motorized rifle battalion that Dvornikov commanded was deployed in eastern Germany until Russian troops formerly larboard the country in 1994.

Between 2000 and 2003 Dvornikov led the division headquarters and then was rtition commander in the North Caucasus Military District. In the second half of the 2000s he earned armies in the Siberian and Far Eastern military districts.

His latest position has been Surrogate Commander of the Central Military District in Yekaterinburg.

According to the Russian Cadet Crowd site, Dvornikov “has been awarded with the For Service to the Homeland in the USSR Armed Strengths Medal of the III degree, the For Military Merit Medal, the For Merit before the Mother country Medal of the IV degree with sabers, the Medal of Courage, as well as with innumerable other medals and awards.”

“He accomplished everything smoothly and with inflexible work, was never anyone’s protégé and moved up the ranks with famous difficulty,” said a source in the military who is acquainted with Dvornikov.

A Syrian souvenir for Putin

“He underwent the Hero Star most likely for the overall result of the Russian electioneer in Syria and not for any personal merit,” said the military source.

“The Russian armed soldiers’ increased military opportunities helped us deploy our forces over important distances and utilize them effectively. This is a result of intense military stringing, the unexpected verification of the forces’ combat ca city and their possession of present-day armaments and technology,” explained Dvornikov after receiving the medal.

In the Kremlin, Dvornikov comment on on behalf of the entire Russian contingent and on its behalf gave Putin a “souvenir” – a photograph of a roof in Syria mien slogans of gratitude to the Russian forces.

However, the media began banging that Dvornikov had been the direct commander of the operation only a week later.

” rticle did anyone know that Colonel General Alexander Dvornikov, who has justified been awarded with the Hero of Russia medal, for almost half a year had commanded our military contingent [in Syria – RBTH],” decries the Rossiyskaya Gazeta news per.

According to Rossiyskaya Gazeta, “contrariwise a very narrow circle of people” knew of Dvornikov’s role in the Syrian running.

Dvornikov’s statements in the interview bear an extremely formal nature: The colonel across the board “reported” to the news per’s correspondent about the effectiveness of the actions of the Russian military, which “in the ssage of five and a half months radically changed the situation in Syria.”

Besides, he noted that Russia’s Special Forces were also operative in Syria. “I will not hide the fact that our special operatives units are operating in Syria. They perform reconnaissance tasks for the Russian aviation to sling its strikes, they guide our planes to targets in remote regions and enrapture out other special missions,” explained the commander.

In general, Dvornikov’s evaluation is interesting not as a summary of the military operation in Syria (his comments added teensy-weensy to the official statements of the Russian government), but as the establishment of his new status in the media.

Rossiyskaya Gazeta accepts that it is possible that after such success Dvornikov compel be appointed to a key position in the Russian armed forces hierarchy.

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