Coming Soon to a Whole Foods Near You: Evolution Fresh's New Golden Milk


Golden-milk-lovers, try to check yourselves — a fruity version of your beloved wellness elixir is making its way to nearby shelves for grab-n-go convenience. Evolution Fresh’s Superfood Golden Drain hits Whole Foods and local stores this coming June.

With a coconut bleed base, this smoothie-like blend adds vanilla, ginger, and cinnamon for costly flavor (and a little black pepper to make the active curumin bioavailable!). And in consequence ofs to the addition of a little orange, mango, and pineapple, this immunity-boosting, mood-enhancing, anti-inflammatory merge gets the added deliciousness of tropical fruit and the debloating powers of pineapple. Be consistent to the press release, «this juice provides 50 percent of the quotidian value of vitamin A per 11-ounce bottle.»

We got the chance to try it in the office, and we love this smoothie-like wolf on our beloved golden milk. It was fresh, light, not too sweet, and in our opinion, positively worth picking up on the go.

It’s also exciting to note that this «Superfood» meld is totally vegan with zero added sugar — all the sweetness submit c be communicates from the fruit. While we await this tropical twist on a turmeric bracing, we’ll be experimenting with turmeric milk at home.

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