Cold Feet: New series starts filming in January as first episodes already written


Grub Streeter Mike Bullen has revealed that he has already written the first two happenings of the following series.

Joking to Digital Spy that he is “already under the cosh”, Bullen also acknowledged that he was keen to write the next few episodes by himself.

“Other grub streeters contributed on the last series, but this time, I’m keen to do it all myself, so I’m publication to quite a tight schedule,” he said.

Having already written the elementary two episodes, the show is due to start pre-production in January.

“It’s two down, we’ve got ideas of where we’re customary,” continued Bullen. “There’s a new storyline that was pitched that I’m moderately excited about, so that may or may not find its way in – we’ll find out!”

Admitting that diverse people were not sure about reviving the programme, the writer replied he has always backed the show.

“A lot of people weren’t sure it was a good notion, I always was, but you can’t predict what the public are going to think, so it was an enormous hazard,” he continued.

“The challenge for the last series was to reach the standard we’d set before – and so numberless people have been saying that it’s better, so I kind of suffer as though we’ve actually made it harder for ourselves in that respect!

“We’ve really raised the bar, so I do feel we can’t rest on our laurels. We never have, but I’m absolutely intentional that we’ve got to dig even deeper.”

Describing next year’s Cold Feet series as “the troubled second album”, Bullen added: “You just want the show to be best-selling enough that it’s recommissioned. 

“Then when it is, you have that extremely brief moment of going, ‘Yeah!’ – and then almost immediately afterwards, ‘Oh sh*t!'”

Unfeeling Feet is set to return to ITV in 2017.

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