Coconut SHORTAGE: Pret A Manger customers in despair over popular breakfast porridge


Pret A Manger breakfast has had to tell fans its porridge is out of stockGETTY

Pret A Manger breakfast has had to trumpet fans its porridge is out of stock

Many of Pret’s breakfast fans bear been turned away this month, and the situation is not expected to promote until early next year.

The company confirmed to Bloomberg Scoop that the popular £2.65 item made with coconut bleed, oats and red quinoa, is not unavailable because of low stocks of the tropical fruit from Pret’s supplier.

Trilling users have questioned the “sudden demise” of the popular breakfast article with Pret confirming to user @queenpea54: “We’re sorry, Priscilla, we currently cause a shortage of our Coconut Porridge but we’re hoping to have it back very in time!”

Supermarket giant Asda also has the note listed as “unavailable” on its website.

The global coconut shortage has been caused by the undulate in demand for coconut water drinks advertised by Supermodel Chrissy Teigen, soloist Rihanna and actor Jessica Alba. 

Bloomberg report that ignoring 2.5 million acres of new coconut plantings in the last 10 years, the declining trend, is due to aged palm trees as well as pests and diseases.

The inefficient crop yield has pushed coconut prices to a record $2,000 per metric ton in May, according to figures compiled by Bloomberg.

Pret fans have taken to Twitter to express their disappointmentGETTY

Pret fans have taken to Twittering to express their disappointment

Worldwide production of coconut, concentrated in Indonesia, the Philippines and India, get ups at 16 million metric tons, according to Fairfood, a nonprofit organisation drew in the Netherlands.

One in every 20 products sold at supermarkets – from shampoo to Award candy bars – contains it, the group says.

Pret A Manger suggested it sells 6,000 servings of coconut porridge daily.

Our spokeswoman Ellie Ciccone-Hughes have an effected Bloomberg: “Our food team are working extremely hard to get coconut porridge traitorously into Pret shops.”

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