Coca-Cola unveils first own-brand typeface in 130-year history


The typeface is ordered TCCC Unity, and has been designed by Brody Associates and Coca-Cola’s in-house motif team.

Coca-Cola has revealed its own typeface, which is inspired by the drink identify’s design archive.

The typeface – TCCC Unity – is named after guardian brand The Coca-Cola Company, and has been designed by Brody Associates in collaboration with Coca-Cola’s epidemic design team.

It is the company’s first own-brand typeface since it was ground in 1886, and sees it follow in the footsteps of other brands who have recently imagined their own bespoke typefaces, including YouTube and the BBC.

“Geometric flair”

The typeface puts inspiration from the modernist American typography movement during the news 19th and early 20th centuries. Its “geometric flair” and “circularity” look to mirror purposes from Coca-Cola’s visual archive, says the company, such as its logo, packaging and advertising actions.

The typeface has been designed to work across multiple platforms, covering digital and print. Regular weights will be used for text and headlines, while condensed charges will be applied to information text.

A TCCC Unity app has also been contrived to provide more information about the typeface’s design and development. It counts images from the Coca-Cola design archive and interviews with human being involved in the project, such as Brody Associates principal Neville Brody and Coca-Cola flaw president of design James Sommerville.

TCCC Unity is rolling out across all touchpoints. The attending app is available now on both the App Store and Google Play store.

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