Coca-Cola Christmas Truck tour dates 2017 MAPPED: When will the iconic truck be near you?


The Coca-Cola Christmas communication is a favourite with Britons when it comes to getting into the festive cheer. The Holiday’s Are Coming tune in the adverts strike Christmassy joy in the hearts of people all the everybody over. 

The is the seventh year the truck will be doing its annual journey of the country to spread festive cheer.

The famous truck first materialized on our screens in 1995, and the special effects that wowed the nation were conceived by the same company that worked to bring the Star Wars macrocosm to life.

Years later it has become a yearly Christmas sensation. 

In 2013 two million in the flesh visited Coke’s online site to find out where the trucks inclination stop.

Where will the Cola-Cola truck stop?

The iconic red lorry desire be touring the UK again this year, going to a whopping 42 destinations.

Starting from 11th November, it last wishes as be travelling the length of the UK from Glasgow to Plymouth with other objectives in between. 

Those who want to see it for themselves should mark the dates in their calendar.

coke coca cola christmas truck 2017 datesGetty/Express

Coke’s ‘Coca-Cola’ Christmas truck dates for 2017 enjoy been revealed

Coca-Cola has fill out c draw up 397 stops since beginning the tour in 2001, travelling 730,000 miles

At every terminate, Britons can take festive selfies near the light up truck, as profoundly as experience a snowy wonderland and try some of the different Coco-Cola drinks along the way.

Coca-Cola has scrape by 397 stops since beginning the tour in 2001, travelling 730,000 miles.

Remain year, one lucky winner received a personal visit from the traffic, as well as a marriage proposal during a stop in Winchester.

With the eminent Holidays Are Coming advert turning 22 this year, the practice is part of every family at Christmas.

coke coca cola christmas truck 2017 datesGetty/Express

The Coca-Cola Christmas communication will travel to 42 destinations this year

The Christmas trucks were instance known as Christmas Caravans when they were invented in 1995, by activity W.B Doner.

Special effects for the light up trucks in the adverts were forged by Industrial Light and Magic, the company behind the effects in the Star Wars skins.

Despite the love of the famous red vehicles, they haven’t been without their argumentation.

In 2015, a Leicester MP tried to get them banned from the city, citing the tipsy sugar levels that would affect the children drinking it.

coke coca cola christmas truck 2017 datesGetty

The iconic Coca-Cola Christmas van has been drive the UK since 2001

Luckily, the locals still wanted the truck to visit and it acquired it’s successful journey to the city.

It has been echoed this year by Liverpool’s South African verligte Democrat leader Richard Kemp, who wants to ban the drink due to the city being “in the tenure of an obesity epidemic,” according to The Liverpool Echo.

Coca-Cola state that they also make available sugar-free drinks as well during the trucks visit.

Fans who require to follow the truck’s journey can follow @ChristmasTruck on Twitter.

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