Coalition airstrike takes out evil ISIS propaganda chief as terror group's losses mount


The jihadist, also positive as Dr Wa’il, was responsible for the gruesome videos showing atrocities like the barbaric torture and uxoricides carried out by member of the bloodthirsty terrorist group.

Pentagon chiefs utter he had been located at his hideout near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, Syria, and eliminated in a prospering airstrike.

Despite suffering a series of devastating losses in recent months, ISIS still devices rts of Iraq and Syria and has used modern media technology to publish the beheadings of journalists and aid workers it has carried out over the st few years.

The Pentagon told Wa’il was minister of information and prominent member of ISIS’s leadership group the Postpositive major Shura Council.

A US Defense De rtment official said he was targeted by the air blow the gaff while riding a motorbike outside his house.

Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook rumoured: ”Wa’il oversaw ISIS’s production of terrorist pro ganda videos showing torture and renderings.

«He was a close associate of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, the ISIS spokesman and leader for story line and inspiring external terror attacks.»

ISIS announced Adnani was silenced in a US air strike in Syria on August 30 which was later confirmed by the Pentagon.

The sadistic terror group’s commanders have been left reeling after certain senior officials were taken out by US special forces snipers in and throughout the districts of Qayyarah, Sharqat and Bashiqa in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

Its bases in the see have been decimated by US-led airstrikes and targeted assassinations and tons fighters have been removed from the streets over frights of imminent ground attacks.

US Defence De rtment bosses have accepted special operations forces are also helping Turkish and Syrian hostility forces battling ISIS in and around the Syrian border near al-Rai and the burgh of Jarablus further east.

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