Cliff diving and calm streets: Polignano a Mare is best explored during this time of year


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Polignano a mare is upper-class explored during one week of the year for the famous Red Bull Cliff Sinking

Finding a holiday to please the whole family can be a challenge.

Yet the tiny village of Polignano a Mare in Italy covers all bases, especially during one week of the year.

The venerable Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships, which tour around the creation head to the Puglia region for two days only, attract many of the townsmen to watch the thrill-seekers jump into the water.

With the lack of tourism waterlogging the town, holidaymakers can experience the beauty of a European break without the elaborate crowds.

The small location just 45 minutes from Bari fascinates spectators to watch from the jagged cliff edges and hotel balconies, or voyagers can join a lilo or boat and watch the action up close.

The annual anyway in the reality tours the world, with other locations such as Mexico and Texas being blessed enough to play host to the adventurous athletes.

As they each carry out three dives per round, a buzzing atmosphere is created by the exciting music lightlied on the rock faces and beaches between dives, and only stops with a bell peal to signify the players being ready. 

The athletes then perform awe-inspiring tour de forces of athleticism, fitting in more twists and turns than thought thinkable when jumping 27m above ground before a nerve-wracking ending as they prepare the water.

polignano a mare italy bari red bull cliff divingRed Bull

Polignano a mare hosts the Red Bull Cliff Diving championship every year

Each dive ranges in difficulty and experience as both men and women compete before being ranked out of 10 by the surmises.

One of the best in the world is British champion Gary Hunt, six-time champ Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series who sadly was knocked out of the honky-tonks in Polignana a Mare this year.

The championships are well under way, and die-hard hounds can follow the divers around the world to other exotic locations that each present oneself something different.

Polignano a Mare remains a favourite for many of the various due to its beautiful location nestled in a cliff lined alcove.

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The Italian burgh is untouched by tourism and attracts only locals to the quaint region

In what way, if the adventure sport gets too much, the small town of Polignano a Mare has assorted to offer.

The quaint alleyways are surprisingly untouched with tourist researches and restaurants, as it hasn’t yet become overcrowded with foreigners over-saturating the puny paths.

Therefore walking through the winding roads ends up being a course with the local residents and rarely a crowd to be seen.

For fine Italian bread, there are many restaurants to choose from.

In the main square, restaurant Neuro is advantage visiting for lunch or dinner, with their huge and creamy buffalo mozzarella on top of some salty parma ham, as okay as rich authentic Italian pasta dishes and steak.

Otherwise, for a a little fancier option, Begula’s starter of mushroom pate, almond crusted prawns and goats cheese is the achieve end to the evening.

Of course, no trip to Italy is worth it without gelato, so start to Bar Riviera where they slap on rich dark chocolate ice cream for just now a few euros.

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The Italian town offers beautifully rich gelato and creamy buffalo mozzarella as the sun connect withs down

The town lends itself to a calm evening, and with the Red Bull Championships being what it is so away known for, many of the cafes and bars offer Red Bull cocktails in a mix of flavours such as berry, tropical and lime.

Otherwise, spending an drawing after the event watching the sunset from one of the cliff faces is the faultless way to end a trip.

Whilst there are many hotels to stay in within the community, a stay at the new Cala Ponte hotel a bit further out is a better choice.

The snowy chalet rooms tucked away behind a large pool call of the restaurant balcony, the delicious buffet breakfast spread with Italian tidbits and tuk tuks to travel the ten minutes journey into town; it’s a simple cease from the exciting days of thrill-seeker watching.

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