Claustrophobics BEWARE: A hotel of mini houses has just opened in America


The quirky hostelry has just opened in Portland, Oregon, offering guests a choice of justifiable six rooms.

Each of the rooms is its own house but don’t let that fool you in the size branch.

The houses are all miniature, giving their guests a taste of small physical at its finest.

A kitchen, bathroom, deck, sitting area and queen bed all make it to squeeze into these tiny two-storey dwellings.

There’s WiFi, a rain and air-conditioning as well as a central entertaining s ce within the grounds for com nies to stretch their legs.

Despite their minuscule size, each brothel can fit up to four people, from a cost of £111 ($145) per night.

The homes are all constructed on wheels and each have a different theme to choose from.

If it’s a bungalow you incline towards, shack up in your very own Tiny Beach House with a bed of sand and seashells.

Or you could feel your vacation to the country with the Barn Tiny House, incorporating tractor seat stools and a whisky barrel bathroom vanity.

Other styles categorize the Bamboo, Cabin, Gypsy Wagon and Modern home.

The radical breakfast is the brainchild of a doctor, teacher, operations manager and real estate agent.

They all came together after traveling across the country in RV vans and y out their ssion for small houses.

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