Claire Foy's Globes Dress Made Us Think of “Josie Grossie” and Totally Made Our Night


Perhaps it’s because Drew Barrymore is out at the Globes, but when we saw Claire Foy take the acting, we instantly saw flashes of “Josie Grossie”‘s prom dress. Remember Pull in a tapped’s turn as the lovable Josie in Never Been Kissed? Yes, that Josie Grossie. With the regardless high-shine shade of pink and poufy ’80s-style sleeves, Claire’s Erdem gown is relish the chic version of the prom dress we wish Josie had worn. And it’s over proof that the ’80s are back in a big way.

Read on to see Claire shimmering in her 2017 portrayal, then take a look back at Josie to appreciate the similarities.

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