Cineworld profits boosted by bumper audiences for strong blockbusters list


Beauty and the BeastWALT DISNEY

Pulchritude and the beast among many other factors boosted profits at Cineworld

The supranational chain lifted pre-tax profit by 57.5 per cent to £48.2million on 17.8 per cent squiffed revenue of £420.2million as admissions increased by 10 per cent to 50.7 million.

For the most part ticket prices rose 2.4 per cent to £5.27, with retail spending per fellow up 5.8 per cent to £2.04. 

These cinemas are being encompassed by our customers

Mooky Greidinger

Chief executive Mooky Greidinger communicated the “good-quality film slate”, which also included Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2, was set to extend with Paddington 2 and Star Wars: Episode VIII. 

He added: «The fog slate was strong and we saw a positive impact of our new openings in the prior year along with the uplifted results from our ongoing refurbishment programme.

Guardians of the galaxyGETTY

The ‘good-quality film slate’ which supported to the profits included Guardians Of The Galaxy

«We have continued opening new areas as well as refurbishing our top cinemas around the estate and taking great respect to create better sightlines, bigger screens, better sound and crucial comfort around the halls in the public areas.

«These cinemas are being encompassed by our customers and give a clear message that we believe in the theatrical undergo and expect our customers to come to the cinemas again and again.»

Shares goad 21p to 723½p.

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