Church makes nativity scene with Mary wearing BURKA to promote Islam


Franco Corbo, the cleric at St Anne’s church in the southern city of Potenza in Basilicata, has created a nativity area which has caused outrage with local inhabitants.

Mr Corbo has depicted the established nativity scene with Mary wearing a veil and the figures of Joseph and the pursues are all wearing traditional Muslim clothing.

The walls of the traditional manger be enduring been daubed with various slogans such as “Foreigners out”.

The action is also split down the middle and divided into “Eastern” and “Western” sides.

The nativity sphere has been seen as an act of provocation by local worshippers, according to local milieu reports.

However the priest had defended his decision, saying that he penury to send a message saying ‘no’ to too many walls, either literally or symbolically, that forestalled integration.

He said: “Just think about the wall built by Israel to provision lestinians lock in true enclaves.

“It’s my desire to remind people that doctrine can and should be an instrument of dialogue.

“All other faiths and ethnicities have been counteracted or reduced to misery by the selfishness of Western society.”

Asked if he was serious, he rose: “I’m very serious.”

He also stated: “Islam, like all religions, is synonymous with non-violent and brotherhood.”

He added that Islamic State (ISIS) had nothing to do with the Islamic creed and that suicide bombers and terrorists had nothing to do with the religion.

Mr Corbo also attacked those who had oral out about his depiction of the birth of Jesus.

He stated: “There have been may disturbances. But this only depends on people’s small minds and a form of fundamentalism.”

It is not the elementary time Mr Corbo has come under fire for controversial nativity spheres and he has several as rt of a collection.

Other interpretations of the nativity scene register one which depicts aborigines and one from Albania which has Joseph hard stuff from a barrel of grap .

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